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Florida Total Pavement, Inc. 

Parking Lot Striping

Striping is the “finishing touch” on a freshly paved or sealed parking lot. The color contrast of a newly striped lot is attractive and can give the look of balance and symmetry. Striping should direct people safely around the parking lot by the use of crosswalks, stop bars, loading zone markings, and pickup areas. 

Additional parking lot improvements:

  • Car stops
  • Speed bumps
  • Signs
  • Thermoplastic
  • Steel bollards
  • Concrete curbing

Good line striping creates direction and and provides a strong safety factor to your parking lot. Without striping cars would be driving wherever they want, in any direction they want. This can also happen with a poor layout or just bad quality striping that fades out too quickly. 

Line striping should always be safety first, then functionality. Make sure handicap spaces are marked clearly and follow ADA specifications, make sure fire lanes are present and clear, make sure you have stop bars at all stop signs and then when all the safety elements are taken care of, then make sure you outline to get as many parking spaces as possible. Not sure if your parking lot adheres to all ADA specs or if it is just designed right in the first place?

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